Scientists discover that crabs may have ultraviolet vision.

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A new study suggests that two species of crabs that live in abyssal regions, may have the ability to distinguish some colors using ultraviolet photosensitivity. The findings were published recently in the scientific journal ” Journal of Experimental Biology “and the same article also points out that most of the creatures that live at great depths can not see any of the colors.

The main source of animal feed are the abyssal plankton and corals. However, the latter are poisonous for the crabs, which necessarily need a way to be able to differentiate one from the other. One species live more than 800 meters deep, where there is not even any signs of light.

So, the ability to grasp the crustacean “images” in the dark helps distinguish what may be a potential meal that is harmful to himself. This is what allows the animals can survive the incredible conditions in which they are found.

According to Sonke Johnsen, a microbiologist at Duke University (USA), the discovery is not yet fully confirmed. The scientist says that the evidence is very strong and that the next step to prove the hypothesis is to study animals in the laboratory.

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