LG sues Samsung for OLED patents

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LG Display has filed a patent lawsuit against Samsung. There is a total of seven patents violate the display manufacturer, describe the techniques for organic light emitting diodes (Organic Light Emitting Diode, or OLED)As the Wall Street Journal says there is all about the design of LG’s OLED panels, circuits, and the design of devices.

According to the report requested LG damages in an undisclosed amount as well as a permanent injunction against five infringing Samsung products, including the Galaxy S3 smartphone, tablet, the Galaxy Tab 7.7 and the Samsung Galaxy Note. “We are suing for damages, to protect our proprietary technologies in which we have invested a lot of money for a long time and labor,” said an LG spokesman Yonhap news agency .

OLED screens are thinner, lighter and brighter than conventional LCD displays. Therefore, they are better suited for mobile phones and tablets. LG and Samsung, both of which are based in South Korea, are among the leading manufacturers of AMOLED displays.

A Samsung spokesman told the Wall Street Journal, LG’s action was “an inevitable decision to reverse the negative image of the OLED technology theft from Samsung.” Background are allegations against Samsung LG, Samsung which former and current employees should have passed on proprietary information via an AMOLED TV to LG. According to a report by theAssociated Press , six employees of LG 2010 to 2011 participated in the treachery of trade secrets.

Early September, Samsung filed in the case in the United States filed a complaint against LG.Samsung wants to prevent LG uses the data itself, makes public or hand over to third parties. LG had denied the allegations in the summer. They “do not need Samsung’s technology”, because you are using a completely different display system.

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