Is Microsoft launching its own “smartphone”?

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Microsoft was king of consumer technology to the advent and popularization of “smartphones”. The Redmond company has repeatedly acknowledged that his landing in the world of “tablet” was late, when the iPad had eaten the market and brands like Samsung has put its products in much of society .



The company founded by Bill Gates seems to have learned the lesson and, perhaps, better late than never, is released into the arena of world of mobility with its rumored “smartphone” that would fit into your business strategy after launching the “tablet “Living under the new and renovated operating system Windows 8, very oriented to ‘tablets’.

In the last months of back and forth seems that Microsoft has been testing its own smart phone, which would have a five-inch screen. According ahead “The Wall Street Journal” last year , the Redmond company has already completed its development and is testing in Asia.The fact is that Microsoft has entered the African market with a phone, 4 Africa, Windows 8 Phone incorporating a version of the Huawei Ascend W1. “It is the right time for this device to be launched in the African markets. The continent has a desire to smartphones, ” noted Tuesday Kevin Connolly , business manager of Microsoft Africa.

Now the Finnish firm Nokia has said it is waiting to be launching a “smartphone” and Microsoft’s own warning to investors in the SEC .Although the U.S. company has insisted on denying it, the Finnish market keeps most existing Windows Phone game so far due to an agreement between the two companies that began in 2011 and reported $ 250 million (192 million) quarterly to Nokia.

Thus, it becomes the largest company fears the growing rumor of possible new “smartphone” created entirely by Microsoft. So, has warned its investors with the SEC (Securities and Exchange Commission) last week, in its annual report on Form 20-F which showed his concern about the possible loss of the agreement made with the software giant.

“We face increasing competition from other vendors, including Microsoft, which already produce or can produce competitive products based on Windows Phone,” begins the report, showing the presence of the brand in the market of “smartphones”. ” By choosing to adopt Windows Phone as our platform ‘smartphone’ primary , we had to forgo more competitive alternatives achieving greater and faster acceptance in the smartphone market. If Microsoft alliance benefits do not materialize as expected, more competitive alternatives may not be available to us on time or completely. “

Nokia laments the consequences of announcing a “smartphone” made ​​entirely by Microsoft and is a review about the possible prejudice which would take such announcement. Nokia and Microsoft are paid annual fees mutual term “royalties” so the Finnish company expects to owe money to Microsoft in future. Although today, Microsoft paid the Finnish billion euros a year, however, he estimates, will eventually be Nokia who will pay 651 million to the American.

While Microsoft tries to return to its place in the world of technology, some of its competitors continue to bear blame on the company. Google has made very clear its position on Microsoft’s advertising campaign against the privacy of emails and the “pay-for-play.”

The company believes that Microsoft should focus on improving its products. Microsoft launched a campaign against Google which claimed that the company’s most popular Internet search engine reads emails from users and, based on the data collected, generated announcements. During the participation of the head of Google search,Arnit Singhal , the SXSW conference in Austin, as recorded by “Search Engine Land” , was asked about what he thought about the campaign Google launched by Microsoft, Scroogled, to what Singhal Google responded that focuses on its users and that “others should focus on making better products” to which the audience responded with applause.

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