The iPhone 5s represents 10% of all the iPhones

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We knew it would be a successful iPhone 5s terminal when its first weekend sales launch this along with the iPhone accounted 5c 9 million units sold. But how successful is the new model home? Specifically, according to a study by resources,iPhone 5s represents 10% of the iPhones currently active in the market. Its growth has been such since its launch the study that iPhone 5s are sold two to three times better than the iPhone 5 in the same period last year.

The growth of the iPhone 5 would have grown to a level of 0.25 to 0.5% each week while the 5s was currently growing with 0.75 to 1% each week . This is about three times better than the iPhone 5c according Mixpanel growth. This implies, according to the resources, the iPhone 5c is doing a reasonably good job in capturing the segment of medium to high-end smartphone market.

From this it can extract something we already know, the iPhone 5s are selling between double and triple units the iPhone 5c. Initially this difference was attributed to the “early-adopters” were hogging all sales iPhone 5s. However, more than two months on the market and the trend is still maintained in this sense, it seems that this will remain the rate at which it will move both iPhones by the market.

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