How to register multiple accounts on Twitter

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How to register multiple accounts on TwitterWhether you use Twitter for business or pleasure, you can register multiple accounts in your name. For example , you can use one for business and one personal. However, you must use a different email for each. You can manage them all usingapplications of Twitter.



  • Two different emails
  1. Visit the official Twitter page (see Resources) and click on “Register”. Fill out the required fields, including email, password, username and location. Verify your account by logging into your email account and follow the link.
  2. Leave the first Twitter account by clicking “Log”.
  3. Click “Register” and fill out the required fields again. It uses a second user name and an email other than the one you used first. Verify your account by clicking on the link sent to your second email.
  4. Sign up for a second email account if you only have one, before using Twitter. You can change the mail settings to forward any message alert to your original account by going to “Mail Options” and select the option of forwarding. Write your original account and save your changes. Check the email address by logging into your original account and clicking on the link given. Use the second account and then join Twitter.

Tips and Warnings

  • Applications of Twitter as Tweet Deck, Tweetie and Echofon lets you manage your Twitter accounts through your phone and computer. Most of these applications the need to download to your phone or computer to use.

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