Hack the computer of his master, he is arrested

Domanik Green altered the bottom of a laptop from her teacher and placed the image of two men kissing 

menor_hacker_colegio_teclado-webA student 14 years of school Paul R. Smith Middle School in Florida decided to play a joke on one of his teachers because he did not like, so he hacked the team of teachers and changed the wallpaper by one with two men kissing.

As mentioned in the Daily Mail website, the key teacher team was not hard to find, since it was the name of the teacher. Green Domanik got it when he saw the writing teacher.

“I got into the computer of a teacher who disliked me and put inappropriate images”.

Green said that it was a joke. According to his account, the morning when the events occurred first agreed to another computer and did not have webcam, changed computer.

Similarly, the young man mentioned that several students knew, and who used to use cameras school teams with Skype.

As punishment since the student was suspended for ten days. However, the joke came to the Pasco Sheriff Chris Nocco, who filed a complaint to detain Green.

The boy was arrested for rape and unauthorized access to systems. The official argued that illegally access in a school system is considered to hack a state asset, a crime that carries a maximum penalty of five years in jail and $ 5,000 fine.

Now Domanik will face trial. The sheriff said the case would serve as a warning to other students.“If we have information that recurs and there is evidence, will face the same consequences,” warned the lawman.

Last year also had been suspended three days for the same reason with other student

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