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Many, if not the vast majority of you reading this post you will do using Chrome , either on the screen of your computer or your Android (less, but many). Chrome has emerged as the favorite of most users but still has some shortcomings, some areas for improvement or at least … So Google wants to put him the turbo  to your browser or so it seems to be clear from a thorough investigation. Come in and give you more details …

Do you know who is Francois Beaufort ? For it is a French computer engineer who spends looking for dead times in the Chromium code to know what things are working with Google to your browser or related products. Thus, for example, brought out a video filtering Pixel Chromebook .

What I have discovered on this occasion becomes “chicha”. What destacaríais of Opera ? I mainly your choice “turbo” (embedded even in its Mini version). And it’s something I miss in Chrome, since the only thing I think it lacks to be the ultimate off-road navigator. With this, we could do basically is to optimize data transfer and transferred to us , so that we can work better with slow connections, and also weigh less, which would also appreciate it if we have a data limit that we could be short.


Well this is what I have discovered the beauty of Francois. In Chromium code found evidence that the Chrome team for Android are working on optimizing the websites charge via proxy servers running under Google protocol SPDY(which can give results of up to 64% of load faster).

What is best of all? They can try it yourself and see the results of what may be a revolution for Chrome. Well you can do it through ADB , writing:

adb shell ‘echo “chrome-enable-proxy-auth-SPDY”> / data / local / tmp / content-shell-command-line’

Or from the own smartphone / tablet, yes, rooteada previously, and from the terminal, typing:

echo “chrome-enable-proxy-auth-SPDY”> / data / local / tmp / content-shell-command-line

For now I do not notice much difference, but I guess after a month of use can really compare how much I have saved from month to month and how much is due to this. It is also true that this feature is still in an embryonic stage of development, but it’s all a matter of taste.

Do you think in future versions of Chrome can enjoy this feature? Apparently first Chrome from our Android, there’s sure to include it in the Beta version , and then add it to the final version , and finally, who knows, to perhaps even in the desktop version … Time will tell.

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