Google removes blocking of Torrent’s search

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Google has removed from its list of “piracy-related terms” BitTorrent and uTorrent terms. This retreat has provided both file sharing sites increased search traffic, to reappear service both in autocomplete and Google Instant search engine.



In the past two years, Google has been including new terms in its list called “piracy related terms” where names appear mostly hosting services pages and content that infringes copyright. Thus, terms such as The Pirate Bay or RapidShare were included and users once wrote these words in the Google search bar were not suggesting any type of search.

Within this list also included BitTorrent and uTorrent terms, however, as has been told TorrentFreak, Google has removed blocking BitTorrent and uTorrent both bar autocomplete and Google Instant search. This has led to the search of both terms have been fired and therefore increased the number of visitors to your service.

The reasons to include or exclude certain terms in this list are still a mystery. Recently Google has added the name of the music streaming service Grooveshark, which has had its series of legal problems in recent years, but has now reached agreements with some of the major labels.

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