Google Play leaves App Store behind in downloads

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The latest determination is that the Google app store has beaten the IOS in number of downloads. According to resources, this is  much faster than previously thought a year ago.

This means notes that one of the decisive factors in this increase was that in the first quarter of this year has sparked a great deal of Android downloads in Japan and South Korea.

Google Play

Google Play

Other sources of large downloads have been India and Russia, but during the second quarter. In fact, Russia and Brazil have become members of the Top Five of countries that generate higher volume of downloads of ‘apps’ on Google Play, which gives a great foundation for Google to maintain their numbers.

That Top Five is led by the U.S., South Korea, India, Russia and Brasi.In Top Five but generate more income countries to the store are: Japan, South Korea, United States, Germany, and the UK. Games are the major cash category.

However, in terms of profits obtained from the stores, Apple is still the winner . His shop beats Google Play by 130% in terms of economic benefits. However, this gap has closed since less than two years ago the figure was 400%.

“It will be only a matter of time before Apple surpasses Google in generating profits. The key is in the fluid of cheap Android phonesthat have begun to dominate the markets of China, India, Russia and Brazil, the most important growth engines “are written in Forbes.

This domain, they say, will depend on the course cheap Apple to launch Apple this year (or next). They point out that Apple has to learn to fight hard with Google in Latin America, India and China, before the Android completely dominates.

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