Google fixes security bug in Webmaster Tools

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Google has reported yesterday fixed security hole in its Webmaster ToolsThis reports eWeek . It quotes a Google spokesperson: “We have reset the affected accounts and is now researching ways to prevent the problem occurs again.”

The error in the Google Webmaster Tools gave people access again, the justification had been erased. This allowed, for example, former employees, at least in theory, delete the home of the previous employer from Google’s search index or block access to other Google statistics.

One of the companies was Ebay, whose former chief SEO noted surprised 18 months after his departure from the company that he again had access to the Ebay account in Webmaster ToolsBut also other SEO specialists pointed to the configuration error that was not limited to Ebay.

eWeek cites the SEO blogger David Naylor . He reported yesterday, the error again give him access on the account of each customer for whom he had ever worked with. “What is also amusing when one of the funny side of it takes. I can see who is now working for the client, or with whom our clients were previously” But he knew also that firms could arise as a serious injury . “Things like lists of unwanted links, removed from the index URLs or entire sites, detours, changes at the site … a whole world of pain.”

Those responsible for search engine optimization in Companies are recommended to log yourself in Google’s Webmaster Tools and check the access permissions. Whether changes to it but this time run flawlessly and permanently remain valid, is not known. When advertising for secure cloud computing can certainly call this glitch, even though so far no cases of abuse have been reported.

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