Google expands cloud offering Compute Engine

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Google has its cloud platform Compute Engine, with which it competes directly with Amazon Web Services is available to 36 new instance types expandedIn addition, customers of Google App Engine, Cloud Storage, Cloud Compute Engine SQL and their applications, data and virtual machines are now targeting host in European data centers.


Among the new features include a Compute Engine for high memory instance that is intended for applications that require a great deal of memory. The high-CPU instance refers to Google, however, as a cost-effective option if less memory is required. In addition, Google is now offering a “diskless” configuration. It is intended for applications that manage only with a persistent disk storage and do not need a volatile memory, which however provides more power. The prices for the four previously available instances Google lowers by about five percent.

With Persistent disk snapshots , Google also introduces a new function. It makes it possible to create a copy of a hard drive and transfer it to other Google data centers. The backup can be used to set up a new virtual machine.

The specific choice of data centers in Europe to help Google’s customers, their cloud offerings bring closer to their customers. Google promises by its proximity to improved performance.However, users may choose not know where their data is stored in Europe. This allows customers who have to comply with legal requirements relating to the location of their data, do not take the offer may claim to.

According to Google, a stronger presence of the large cloud providers in Europe have a positive impact on the adoption of cloud computing. “I believe that the expansion of our range of European data centers, the introduction of cloud in Europe has accelerated,” said Barak Regev, head of Google’s cloud platform in EMEA, in the interview with ZDNet . “If we all of our services to data centers in the EU make available, this trend will accelerate.”

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