Google Drive for Windows incorporates desktop shortcuts for faster editing

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The company Google continues to make improvements to your storage system in the cloud, Google Drive . Now just introduced a novelty that has been made ​​public through your blog and that is to add shortcut icons to all computers running through the Windows operating system . From now on, when you install the software of Google Drive for PC , the user will be able to readily see shortcut icons for each of the editors of Google Drive . We refer, of course, to the tools that allow us to access the editing simple documents, spreadsheets and slides or presentations. It is the user to be much easier when working with documents in the cloud , including collaborative in nature.



This new option threatens the office suite Microsoft Office , whose shortcuts are also often located on the desktop. And is that from now on, with the addition of these icons will be much easier to connect to Google Docs and enjoy the computer storage and sharing in the cloud. Image If you look closely you will see that the user can quickly access Google Docs (Documents), Google Sheets (Spreadsheets) and Google Slides (Presentations), but also to the general folder Google Drive , gateway to all content which each user stored in the system online.

What should I do to start editing? Well, simply double-click on each of these icons and start our Google account to the corresponding user data. Editor opens automatically and you can start working on your stuff. You know, for your convenience, that the system functions completely synchronized , so that all content created will be automatically saved in your space in Google Drive and you can dispose of them at any time, when needed.

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