Google could design its own ARM processors for servers

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Google could make its own processors technology ARM , which would develop its own servers.

Bloomberg said that the draft of the Internet company would be to optimize the dynamic between its hardware and software components. recalls, however, that this information has not been confirmed by Google.

It would be a surprise if half confirmed Google believes that Internet Group Mountain View has used to design or adapt technologies to make them stick precisely to its needs.

ARM architectures are popular in the area of ​​data centers because they reduce electricity consumption as well as reduce heat dissipation. An interesting dual economy for all companies who want to produce their own machines.

Google however is currently the fifth customer ‘s Intel for processors for servers. These exploit the x86 technology ‘of Intel . If the Mountain View company confirmed its intention to manufacture its own processors, the founders lose by a client of the largest (4.3% of sales according to Bloomberg).

AMD’s rival Intel in the x86 market, has already announced its intention to produce ARM processors for servers. A rubicon Intel obviously refuses to cross. But note that the company is not completely absent from these architectures: it will include produce, on behalf of Altera 64-bit ARM processors.

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