Google acquires start-up FlexyCore, developer DroidBooster

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The FlexyCore French start-up, working on optimizing applications for Android, has been acquired by Google. The amount of the transaction has not been confirmed, but the resources  speaks of a sum of around EUR 16.9 million .

FlexyCore is known for its application DroidBooster, which improves the speed and fluidity of Android devices.Although in reality it would be more accurate to say that it improved since DroidBooster no longer available.

Negotiations between France and FlexyCore Google began in September 2012, but now have been concluded. Google has said it decided to buy the start-up based in Britain because “FlexyCore team has extensive experience in building software to optimize the performance of Android devices , and we thought it would be a great help to our team. “

Indeed, FlexyCore work can be very useful for multinational Mountain View in order to optimize the Android kernel and improve the performance of smartphones that work with your operating system significantly. With the purchase of FlexyCore, the structure of the start-up gala is integrated into Google France , with which Android development team will be working directly, probably in the Android version 4.4 KitKat. 

FlexyCore was founded in 2008 and is directed by Gilbert CABILLIC, a former researcher at INRIA and former head of research and development for Texas Instruments in Rennes. With the support of Emergys, incubator funded by the Regional Council of Brittany, the company had earned 1.5 million euros of funds Sochrastem. FlexyCore has developed software solutions for mobile phones as DroidBooster, which improves the execution speed of applications on Android smart phones without draining the battery.

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