Failure Viber lets you skip the lock screen of Android

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Viber vulnerability allows unknown users to bypass the lock screen of Android devices . When you receive a message, you can perform a number of tricks with the notification bar to bypass the lock security controls.



   Internet Security Corporation Bkav detected the fault and ensure that occurs in all Android terminals regardless of brand. Viber is an application for VoIP calls and instant messaging to make calls and send free messages to other users that have the application installed on your ‘smartphone’.

   Viber has 175 million users worldwide, and between 50 and 100 million are just Android. Also responsible for implementing the claim that s and added 400,000 users each day so the number of terminals at risk rise at times.

   The way to bypass the lock is simple, although it may vary slightly from one terminal to another. The first step is that the user receives a message , then combined actions on messages emerging tricks in the notification bar or other tool to send messages.

   Once the keyboard has appeared Viber can have access to all features of the phone , in most cases, pressing the Back button.So now skips the lock screen that eliminates device security.

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