Facebook Messenger uses first Social API in Firefox Beta

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Mozilla has now turned his Social API in Firefox BetaFirst and so far only partner is Facebook MessengerIt is a novel approach to integrate social networking into the browser. Although the API is for a week in the beta yet, but so far remained functional.

Development Director Jonathan Nightingale describes the concept over News.com as follows: “The people do not use social as other parts of the Web. It is not task-based, but rather permeates the activities of the day. The user to make a separate tab or restrict it to their phone, then apply the daily their eyes. “Therefore the Social API creates a framework to care for deeper integration.

Both the browser and the service in question must support the Social API. This means that the feature is initially limited to Firefox Beta (and Aurora) and Facebook Messenger, but can be realized in principle by everyone. “We wanted to create a world-class user experience in Firefox, by Social einbanden differently than before,” said Nightingale. “The Social provider makes a few details, and you’re there.”

In the case of Facebook Messenger, the browser is a side bar that is always on the surface – unless of course the user clicks it away. Additionally, there is an icon for Facebook to open in a new tab, and a “Like” button completes the Location Bar in Firefox, so that each page can be recommended with just one click on Facebook.


Facebook Messenger in Firefox

About the Social API Facebook Messenger is part of the surface of Firefox 


Mozilla raises in a blog entry out of the Social Policy API. All functions are only active after this presentation, when the user activates conscious. You get the Facebook Messenger status bar should not automatically appear, just because you logged in with Firefox once on Facebook. If the settings but active, the use of social respect Tracking API has the same effect as if they had been logged on the Facebook page – no more and no less. Mozilla or its API also does not send data to the Facebook server or any other network.

An important question will be in the future, how much space gives the Social API which provider or how the user can regulate it. Nightingale is pleased, however, on initial positive feedback from developers. “What we are really looking forward, is to watch what people do with them. We ourselves have ideas, but we know that come with such APIs best ideas always from the outside.

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