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For those preparing to enter the workforce for the first time or individuals seeking to reestablish a career in a new field, the telecommunications field presents an exciting opportunity for growth and stability. Many specialties in the field are expected to grow at above average rates over the next ten years allowing workers the possibility of continuing employment. If you are familiar with fiber optic Ethernet, can navigate your way around know your way around a circuit board or are just technical in general you should consider one of the below positions.

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Telecommunications Engineering Specialist

Predicted to be one of the fastest growing careers in the field, analysts predict demand for this job will increase over the next ten years by a rate of 20 – 28% over the current demand. This is a highly technical occupation and requires a degree preferably in networking and telecommunications. These individuals are responsible for the installation and oversight of hardware, software, and programming modules for all telecommunications systems. Furthermore they often oversee all post-installation activities for clients in their region.

Telecommunication Equipment Installers

Similar to Engineering Specialist, Equipment Installers also work with the installation of hardware networks, however they specialize primarily in the equipment only. They are less involved with the network system and have little to do with software applications. While the outlook for this position is very positive, it is not forecasted to be in as high of demand and the Engineering Specialist. Growth for this position is expected to average between 10 – 19% over the next ten year period. Generally a college education is not required for this type of job although many Installers have had some university education.

Telecommunication Line Installers

Line Installers work primarily with hardware, particularly with the cables and audio visual equipment. They may be required to work both indoors and outdoors in various weather conditions. Often they will be required to climb utility poles in order to complete a task. Line Installers rarely work with the software aspect of the network system. They should have a good working knowledge of electronics and circuit boards as well as computer systems. Analysts predict a moderate growth potential for this position over the next ten years of 10 – 19%. A high school diploma and technical experience will generally fulfill the education requirement for this job.

Network Administrators

Another area of predicted bright growth is in the area of Network Administrators. Administrators are highly skilled in both the hardware and software aspects of computer environments and are often called upon to restore a troubled network system on a moment’s notice. They are responsible for maintaining all disaster recovery operations of an entire system and for establishing computer protocols for an entire organization. They must be highly astute in security measures as well as implementing any software applications needed by the company. Administrators usually have a bachelor’s degree although this may not be strictly required. Technical training is a must. Experts have predicted this field will continue to grow over the next ten years at a rate of 20 – 28%.

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