Apps recommend that if you drink “do not drive” (and you call for a taxi)

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Breathometer, available for iPhone and Android, and BACtrack, only for iOS, are perfect indicators of the level of alcohol in the blood of a user in seconds through an interlock device ‘smartphone’

The world of applications is getting wider. There is everything in this market, increasingly important and profitable. Before getting behind the wheel after a night, a driver can test the level of alcohol in the blood due to new applications that not only show the user his drunken state, but allows even call a taxi.

There are several examples. Breathometer , available for iPhone and Android, and BACtrack , only for iOS, are perfect indicators of the level of alcohol in the blood of a user in seconds through a breathalyzerconnected to the “smartphone”. “People think, ‘oh, I’ll just go around the corner’, but it is up to them to police when they realize they are over the limit “, explained to ReutersCharles Michael Yim , CEO of Breathometer, headquartered in Burlingame (California).

More than 1.2 million people were arrested in the U.S. in 2011 for driving under the influence of alcohol, according to the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI). This entrepreneur has insisted that the purpose of your business is to stop drunk driving take the wheel and allow you to make smarter decisions.

Breathometer works by connecting this system to pin headphone jack of a smartphone. The user blows into the device and displays the results.Meanwhile, BACtrack connects to iPhone via Bluetooth. Both sensors meets state standards and can detect alcohol levels in the blood to an accuracy of 0.01%, according to these “startups”.

Breathalyzers have been around since the early 50s. With the coming of the “smartphones” and the ability to make them smaller and more people will be able to usarl these systems. “We came to a completely different audience than ever would have thought of buying one before,” he says.

The portable breathalyzer Breathometer is the size of a car key and fits in a pocket. The app “is able to detect the GPS user and send a signal to call a taxi if the user can not go home on full power and even estimate the time it will take the user back to being sober enough. ” Check the levels of alcohol in the blood can help you be more aware of your body . If you get a 0.02% or 0.04% you think that ‘You better stop drinking,’ “Yim added.

Breathometer gives a read after the user has blown by the breathalyzer.An ethanol sensor built into the device detects alcohol on your breath and turns it into a signal. The application, which costs $ 49, will be available in October.

BACtrack, founded in 2001 and headquartered in San Francisco, was the first company to receive U.S. government approval to sell breathalyzers for personal use. His system, which includes a nozzle, costs about $ 150. The application also tracks spending habits of a user in a graph and can estimate when the level of alcohol in the blood of a user returns to zero.

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