5 Mobile Apps That Can Make You Cash

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With so much publicity in recent weeks about the iPhone 5c and 5s being released – in addition, of course, to the new iOS 7 system that’s so drastically changed the face of iPhones – the massive cost of these devices is being slightly overlooked. Apple may once again have gotten itself to the top of the smartphone market with the 5s, and the 5c has provided users with a “budget” option, but the bottom line is these phones are still very expensive.

So, just for fun, we thought we’d take a look at various technologies and apps that can help you to make a bit of that money back after ordering one of these incredible phones. Of course, you won’t be pulling in $300 at once – but the following 5 apps can help you to chip away at the burden, and to make some extra pocket cash in general.


    1. Wikets – This is an app that rewards its users for promoting products and services. The Un Locker has a full review of the app, but the basic concept is this: if you promote products by “up-voting” them through social media like Twitter and Facebook, you earn points, which can in turn translate to Amazon gift cards – which, of course, are essentially cash!
    2. Jingit – This is one of many apps that allows you to get paid for scanning products, answering surveys about products, and even simply watching advertisements on the app.
    3. Poker In Play – This is an app that comes from BetFair Exchange, which is an online casino community full of various games that allow the transfer of real cash. The Poker In Play app specifically allows users to bet on the outcomes of poker games by backing whichever hand looks poised to win. It’s a chance game to some extent, but a fun way to – potentially – gain some money back playing a game.
    4. Field Agent – This is a bit of a competitive scavenger hunt app, as it assigns you tasks around town – “missions,” in fact – that can earn you money, between $2 and $12. When you complete tasks, provided you do so before another user beats you to it, you earn money directly into your PayPal account.
    5. GymPact – If you’re into exercise, this one can actually make you some pretty legitimate bonus cash. With GymPact, users wager money on gym time, and as the app tracks your workouts, you either fulfill your wager or don’t. Those who fail to meet their pre-planned workout schedules will lose their money, and those who succeed will profit.



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