$ 10,100 for a gold iPhone 5S

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Apple has had problems when calculating the demand for gold version of the iPhone 5S. This model has been one of the first to be depleted in several of the markets in which went on sale last Friday.

Given this lack of supply some owners of these iPhone want to try to take advantage of the situation and has put up for sale on eBay .

In some countries like Hong Kong, China and the United States this model is sold out. In the U.S. case that ordered this model will have to wait until October (no date set) to have them in hand. The fault has had the “stock” enough of this model. In fact one of the main Apple Store in San Francisco had only 20 of these. Apple has already ordered its suppliers to increase production of the iPhone 5S gold.

The price of the more expensive model (64GB) iPhone 5S is achieved in the Apple Store for $ 849. eBay Yet achieving other values.

The iPhone 5S gold star of a bid on eBay was trading Monday afternoon and ended up $ 2550 selling for $ 10,100. The seller is from Connecticut (USA) and has a good rating. This model is only 1 6 GB, ie the free sold for $ 649 . Another vendor has released for sale on eBay an iPhone 5S golden 64 GB for $ 4500 . The offer ends on September 26.

China also sold on the black market. According to Xinhua news agency reported , an iPhone 5S gold sells for about 10,000 yuan, or nearly double the original price about $ 1,634 . In Hong Kong also speculated.Those who successfully ordered golden iPhone 5s were able to sell the smartphone for 16GB to resellers in more than $ 1.161.

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