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Earlier this month Samsung introduced in Berlin and New York Note smartphone-tablet 3 and Galaxy Smart Clock Gear. Today Tuesday’s presentation was in Madrid, and with it the announcement of prices similar to those announced in dollars: 749 euros for the phone and 299 for Smart Clock.

Galaxy Smart Clock Gear

Galaxy Smart Clock Gear

Note 3

The third generation of the surprisingly successful Note (that hits the market for 749 euros) is more than just a smartphone. has managed to win two tenths of an inch of display (from 5,5 to 5,7) reducing the frame (which also increases the fragility of the screen) is a gram lighter (168 grams) and thinner (8.3 mm.) and substantially improves the performance of the battery (3,200 mAh), replaceable, which is becoming a luxury.

Now that Apple is pointing to the plastic back cover (Model 5C) as criticized in the Korean mobile, Samsung joined the Note March 1 false skin texture that gives a pleasant touch. It also incorporates a third color to the classic black and white, pink, a detail with the female audience has fervently embraced this model close to the tablet.

The main camera has been extended to the 13 megs, and incorporates image stabilization, but the big change is in your pencil, an instrument that does not use much Spanish buyer, but the Asian. With built-in functions use the most sense. Desenfundarlo Nothing opens a palette with five commands work. Thanks to them recognize if a number is a phone and offers the option to call, or place, and places it on Google Maps, in the case of information, simply highlight the pen the web for you to store photos, videos and links. With the windows transparent, open applications interact with each other, eg a photo album can be included in an email with drag; also just sharpen an image with the pen to be silhouette.

The basic functions are achieved with the stylus. This is the case of the alarm time, you can write with the stylus or answer an email. The letter pencil (always non-medical) will see the sender in print. As easily color graphics are created as either a pie or bar charts, which are then sent as an image or pdf. Finally it is worth having a pencil on the phone.

The Note 3 arrives with other advances, perhaps not very useful, although spectacular. This is the case of Wall Phone, by way of video wall video wall or in this case just put multiple Note 3 for the video displayed automatically appears on all screens. For what it? Perhaps video artists will find their grace, but in any case is a test of technological development of the South Korean brand.

Not only the device comes with it a collection of apparel and accessories, like Apple. Samsung has realized that it can also be a good source of revenue, except that with mobile increasingly large, expensive and delicate, the sheath is an important complement. Samsung unveils a controller for games and a cover with transparent window and battery recharging induction stove, the most practical. Thanks to that window, no need to remove the cover to see incoming calls or messages, including voice answer or activated camera.

Smart Clock

Despite improvements Note 3 holders fair in Berlin last went to Galaxy Gear, the first Samsung smart watch. At 299 euros, the company has secured its unpopularity. Also unconvincing, for now, its usefulness.

The wave of smart watches matches fortunately fashion with large models, because the smart watch needs a screen, but is 1.6 inches, also headset and camera. For Galaxy Gear also need a spectacular pileup for recharging.

Usually all of the Pebble smart watches-SmartWatch Sony-to notify incoming messages, calls, emails and alerts offering the possibility, in the case of messages, to accept or ignore them discreetly.

Thanks to the speaker, you can talk on the phone while holding mobile connections without interruption. It’s not just a receiver, you can also transcribe messages, create calendar entries, set alarms or take a look at the weather forecast.

A singularity compared with others is its 1.9 mega camera located on one side of the belt can record short video and share them on social networks. The challenge is not only limited camera but the focus of the watch strap to the target shooting. Complicated.

At first, the clock has been linked as a complement smart smartphone   however, you begin to see more melting with tablets. In any case, the smart watch is not to live alone, but leaning to one of these devices at least five feet away, if only for the locator function. Where I left my tablet?What about mobile? or, conversely Where I left my smart watch?.

Demonstration of Samsung with these products, almost coinciding with the new Apple, shows that times have changed a lot and not always in favor of Apple. In no competition Cupertino brand five years ago, now there are very good, both in technical and aesthetic aspects sometimes competition is higher-and sometimes not-but discussion there.

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