Ubuntu Touch : Now Linux on your smartphone

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The announcement was made ​​and then had to sit and wait for the dream of millions come true. And the day arrived, and with it came Ubuntu Touch an operating system Linux for your smartphone Nexus and several Android now occupied. Let’s see what it has to offer.

Canonical’s failure in getting funding for the project Ubuntu Edge in August was not enough for the company to decide to lower their arms with their other goals. One of them, perhaps one of the most important, was the arrival of Ubuntu to smart phones, but doing this was to develop a safe and reliable platform, to give the same answers that gives the desktop version of the popular distribution Linux. Got this at a fairly respectable, Canonical prepared the feast and a 21-minute video that served as virtual kenote invited us welcome the new Ubuntu Touch .

October 17 was the target date for the arrival of Ubuntu Touch , the Linux operating system created by Canonical for your smartphone. After the importance of the features of this mobile operating system, the second best news comes by the side of quality multiplatform, because Ubuntu Touch can be installed on almost all Android handsets that have currently. Currently is a version that is focused on the use by manufacturers and phone carriers who wish to approach the user otherwise, but as it is available for download, there is a wiki that explains everything you need to know both to get to use.

Mark Shuttleworth, founder of Ubuntu and Canonical, speaks about the benefits of the new OS and aesthetics of it that looks pretty well made, with artistic touches. Organization full navigation system with very comfortable, HTML5 applications but also inviting to create a new ecosystem of applications, photo gallery, emphasizing favorite applications, a search engine network integrator and storage local notifications and messages so that you have collected in one place and running applications viewer to control the use of memory and battery. While still not an alternative to Android , some reported excessive battery consumption, a selection of small applications and some delay in the visualization and execution Nexus phones, Touch Ubuntu is to monitor and go see how they solve these first problems.

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