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 Google sold the first Google Glass  with Android, to $ 1,500. They did not come openly to the market, but only for previously registered application developers.

Facebook and Twitter , two of the most popular Internet services, rushed to announce their arrival to this platform. They can view the photos of your contacts, change status, comment on the wall or make tweets while walking down the street, but this does not erase the sense of initial disappointment when tested. Futuristic and innovative but with little to do beyond record video, take pictures, check an address on a map, get a weather forecast, search or browse .

Google Glass

Google Glass

Google is trying to improve this perception with a new software update.Glass will be used to watch movies. Simply tap on the pin to start or stop viewing. If you slide your finger, fast forward or backward, as the traditional rewind. These controls are also required for first person recorded videos or applications such as CNN, who are already working in their adaptation to the format. Another improvement is taking notes with Evernote . Something quite logical whether to use while going down the street.

If Apple has Siri, its virtual butler, Google uses Now! to answer questions with results customized to the user. The more you use, the more accurate are the results. Whenever not be afraid to Google every morning to tell us what time to leave home to get to work on time. It also serves to suggest restaurants, museums and entertainment venues when travel is by reference to the tastes of the owner of the glasses. The integration of this service, according to Google, the future of search, games and much more will be almost all by voice command recognition.

The developments point to a more natural use of the device. Best voice recognition and less need for help with his hand. Incidentally, are designed for righties. This will be the basis on which to work, but the key will be his ability to make those developers get the most out of your appliance.

Google wants to curry favor with software developers to lead the field of devices for wear before your competition move tab. Both Apple and Samsung working on watches with mobile connection to provide information similar to that of the glasses but without the multimedia capabilities of Glass.

The wait until it reaches the consumer market starts to be too long. Its output is planned for early 2014 and the price will be 300 euros. Much more reasonable, but not independent. The glasses must be connected to a mobile, the data taking, free, user profile, photo memory. They are a Android phone.

Among the difficulties for its success is the very need to connect to a mobile, the little privacy for those around the user and also the battery.The charging connector is the same as Android phones, Micro-USB, but do not have sufficient autonomy so already add projects to create energy from a source of external power.

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