How to convert photos into text using the Samsung Galaxy S4

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Optical Reader is the native application is equipped with the  Samsung Galaxy S4 to convert text captured in a photo from a sign or character page editable. It is, so to speak, a sort of OCR scanner that reads and writes for us , giving option to tweak specific words or fragments. Its operation is quite correct, provided we have a steady hand and good  photographic capture. If we own a  Samsung Galaxy S4 and still have not fiddled with this utility, see briefly how it works and what possibilities gives out Optical Reader in South Korea’s flagship.

Photos to Text using Samsung Galaxy S4

Photos to Text using Samsung Galaxy S4


When you open the application, we dealt with three icons on the left. The first, when pressed, switches the possibility that the system “read” automatically a word card or QR code with another option that requires the user to capture a full sheet then you can choose to specify the areas to interpret. When we see an on-screen little cross, we have the first utility available, if the cross does not appear, but it does in the capture icon all, we face the second. Then explain how the two options. The second of the three icons mentioned toggles the camera flash, while the third activates the translator which also integrates the  Samsung Galaxy S4.

Suppose we use the system to automatically capture and remember reading, which are distinguished by the presence of a small cross on the screen with the text “place the point on words, contact information or QR codes” -. In this case, we would only have to pose the target screen on the word that we want to scan.Within seconds the read and even translated into the language with which we have previously configured the function. But if we want to capture text, so we have to do is turn to the second option described.

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In this case, keeping the pulse as firmly as possible, carry a photograph of the text to be converted. It is important to be patient for the Samsung Galaxy S4 properly approach the area to capture. After that, we select the specific area that interests you and click on the button found on the top right of the interface.This will lead to the editor. If the picture was sharp and our pulse has responded, the image-to-text translation must be very accurate. If something went wrong, we note error, however, can be corrected manually at this time.

Once we have the text correctly formatted, we could share it through various means, which is customary among smart phones. So, is especially useful in order to avoid the process of writing a comprehensive text that we read in a report or book, so that in a few steps we would save the click to forward the text to any of our contacts, either through email, Whatsapp, SMS social networks.

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