The developers are turning to create applications in Firefox OS Workshops

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Madrid has been the starting point of the Days Firefox OS , a call to present the new operating system for mobile devices Mozilla. With some workshops and a hackathon -a gathering of programmers to develop software collaboratively-crowded, has begun the initiative to encourage the development of applications for the new mobile platform to be launched in Spain this summer.

Firefox OS

Firefox OS

The conference will coincide with the release for sale on the website of Geeksphone of the first two terminals based on Firefox OS developers, as anticipated Microserfs . The model Keon (91 euros) and the model Peak (149 euros) are sold out, although in thehackathon enclosure housing the Medialab Prado, attendees can test in situ the results of his creations. Another innovation that have revealed at the conference is that Telefonica, the company will release Firefox OS terminals in Spain, is negotiating with the company to integrate WhatsApp messenger application Firefox OS .

Pros and cons of HTML5

Firefox OS is based on HTML5 , the fifth revision of the language of the web, incorporating features like a standardized interface with audio and video elementsStill are introducing new features in this language, as revealed by the W3C consortium -body which makes recommendations for the web. On mobile HTML5 , Microsiervos editor, Nacho Palou said in that “the problem is that Web applications currently can not compete in performance and capabilities with native applications. ” set an example that designed Facebook application for Android, originally developed primarily as a web application for the most part, and had to be redone completely due to complaints users on their performance and lack of features. 

The CEO of Telephonica I + D, Carlos Domingo, has recognized that there are five issues regarding the fifth version of the HTML : that there is a true cross-platform support, the performance of mobile web technologies, best API for mobile web; a mechanism to monetize Web applications and another to discover this kind of applications. On the other hand, has argued that there are native mobile applications that are based on HTML5 (such as the Financial Times) that companies like Twitter and Amazon are also developed in this language, which can be used on different platforms and devices (tablets, computers and mobile) and that there are more web developers than other programming languages.

Firefox OS, an open system

Sunday developers explained that the project began just over a year to make competition to Apple’s mobile operating system (iOS) and Google (Android) , but is aware, has confessed, it’s not going to displace- . “Competition is what the web has advanced more quickly,” the CEO stressed, referring to Internet browsers that have emerged from Mosaic or Netscape, Firefox, Chrome, Safari or Opera. So with the program partners Telephonica, Movilforum, created a project to solve the problems of HTML5.

Another challenge is to ensure that mobile manufacturers manufacture devices that support Firefox OS

Upon learning that the Mozilla Foundation was working in the same direction, they proposed to join efforts in improving the technology. Another challenge is to ensure that mobile manufacturers manufacture devices that support Firefox OS. Domingo has said that companies such as Huawei, Alcatel, LG, ZTE and Sony have been interested in producing them. At the moment will go on sale this summer own devices that cost between about 80 and 150 euros, as revealed Movilforum responsible for Carlos Marin, to Marin has indicated that open is accessible both to the project schedule to the source code of the operating system. You can also try Firefox OS in a simulator that runs through the Firefox web browser. In the days that start in Madrid and will be held in cities like Bilbao, Sevilla and Valladolid are already developed applications and create new: games, social networking applications or to control pollution, among others.

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