Solar plasma will impact Earth

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Known as a coronal mass ejection, these plasma and radiation that the sun throws the solar system sometimes can damage electrical systems and satellite communications on Earth.

In the last days the sun has shown strong activity , so no wonder the Coronal Mass Ejection (CME, in English) that the Sun occurred at 7:09 a.m. ET yesterday with a magnitude of M1, is expected to impact the Earth on 24 November, without strong consequences.This was achieved thanks to the space observatory see NASA’s STEREO.

A CME is a cloud of plasma, charged particles and radiation shot out from the center of the sun into space, unlike a solar flare which releases in “small amounts” of solar material.

The device STEREO recorded the CME was launched at a speed of 724 kilometers per second, compared to slow speeds reaching these phenomena.

For now the Oceanographic and Atmospheric Agency (NOAA) said in a statement that the CME is expected to hit the Earth on 24 November, with a G1 level, the lowest in the scale of the agency , primarily at the poles from latitude 60 degrees.

Ejections may reach Earth between one and three days later if pointing towards our planet. Doing so can cause geomagnetic storms, when the CME hits the Earth’s magnetosphere. The consequences range from auroras at the poles to p erturbaciones in electrical systems or interference in satellite communications systems and GPS .

The magnetic field that covers the planet has been active due to increased solar electrons and other activities already arrived on the planet. On November 16 there were two prominent flares, one after another, over a period of four hours.

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