Now Google will offer suggestions locally in the near future

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Google Now, the personal assistant of the search engine company wants to evolve in such a way that exceeds that of Apple, Siri. To do this, you are trying to deliver results “locally” as local news or restaurants and bars to open near where you live or where you move frequently.

Now Google aims to be from the day he was born in the real personal assistant, ie, a personal assistant that fits the person you are attending and never better. What good is that provides the same information to a person over 40 years a teen? The concerns, interests and habits vary completely and, therefore, Google wants to offer a service that fully meets the user.

Google suggestions

Google suggestions

A move that Google is starting is to provide local results in his famous card format. thus could provide, for instance, the time you can go see a movie genre you like in the cinema close and at what price. Would you like pasta? Now Google knows and so do not want to miss the new dish at the Italian restaurant you usually frequent. How would you feel?

Obviously, for the moment, we will not see it in Spain, but end up coming to our country . The point of the story lies in the evolution showing personal assistants in our handheld devices. As always raises the controversial question. Are safe our privacy? Looks great to have a helper, a counselor who accompanies us continually suggests anything when we unlock the phone but how much can we learn from this personal assistant ? , did you learn and eventually finding out he only people who can use this information against me?

As always, we are free to use other services or not , but it would be gratifying to be sure that these services can be used without having to ask what might happen, or not, with our data. It would be nice to receive in Google Now local news as well as suggestions that fit what we usually do and our tastes. Plays, museums, concerts, promotions and other information that Google will end up getting to us in our device through Google Now in the very near future , we will keep you informed.

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