Google bathe your doodle to celebrate the arrival of summer

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The search is refreshed logo with waves and bathers in an illustration of the German designer Christoph Niemann


The summer of 2013 and to celebrate Google wanted to pay homage to this new solstice with a doodle very refreshing waves and bathers in an illustration of the German designer Christoph Niemann .

Today the summer has officially begun, one that is supposed to be of the longest in recent centuries, that will not end until September 22.And to inaugurate the popular illustrated children’s books and The New York Times , Christoph Niemann has created a new animation of the most famous Internet search engine. This time in the doodle, Google has replaced its traditional lyrics for five children bathing in the sea dressed in hats, swimsuits and snorkel goggles . Furthermore, the doodle is dynamic and ‘wet’ the five bathers with a logo wave that travels from left to right redesigned.

Officially summer has started today at 7:04 in the morning , according to the National Geographic Institute, conforming longest day of the year. For months rumors come to be one of the coldest summers on record, following the information offered by a group of French meteorologists. But AEMET announces that the summer will be similar to previous years, to the relief of many. At this time there is another circumstance, not related to the seasons, which is the day of Aphelion , ie the day when the Sun and Earth are further apart along the year. This is what causes the earth to move more slowly along its elliptical orbit during the summer and therefore the length of the station is greater.

Google inaugurate it and inspire wanted heat, water and Holidays in a new doodle, one more to your collection that has been very prolific lately. Since Valentine’s Day or an homage to Copernicus, to ‘Where the Wild monsters’, many relevant topics and dates are present within Google and its famous illustrations, often animated, which on this occasion remind everyone users that summer is here.

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