iPad Mini with Retina Display

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The same size, but with the definition and the graphical power multiplied by four, that’s the great virtue of the revamped version of the iPad Mini.prices is maintained, from 389 in the 16-gigabyte version with free wifi. A price that is time it is justified with the inclusion of high-definition screen.When he was born a year ago the small format tablet Apple was equipped with processor of iPhone 4S, when he was 5, and simple screen. Still it was a bestseller, but lacking progress to justify their purchase beyond aesthetics.

This time the opposite happens, goes inside the latest technology. The best home screen (2048×1536 pixels on 7.9 inches) and 64-bit processor. Outside is similar, using wins a lot. Not just in games, where full power of the processor and screen definition, but also to read either a book or a web page is squeezed. The lyrics are better marked, more refined, also hues.

Although theoretically the battery has the same duration, 10 hours, does give sense to give more of himself in this release. Connecting to wireless networks is easier, just the delay and both Facetime (Apple’s native video conference) with Skype as they note, a cleaner sound is appreciated by using two microphones. The best experience is achieved when retouching a photograph or a video more amazing if with iMovie, a program that used to cost 4.99 euros and now comes free editing. As developers, as is the case with the iPhone 5S, fit applications, the differences will be more noticeable.

There are two applications that especially shine. One is Vjay , to make playing music sessions, mixing and casting videos either through the HDMI port or the Airplay system signature.

DayOne , a digital to record daily activity diary, stands out as the best app of 2012, is also the first to make specific use of the M7 chip. This adds the number of steps (assuming you always are carrying the tablet) without sacrificing battery.

Among the minor details, include a new range of cases with new colors.Yes, the neon fever has also reached the block. Fortunately, unlike what happens with the passage of the fourth generation of iPad to iPad Air, this time, as the size keeps accessories work perfectly.

Is it worth buying? If you already have an iPad Mini may be a precipitate change. If you already have an iPad Air, perhaps overspending when the difference is only the size and less weight. If you are thinking of renovating an iPad still have the old plug may be the cheapest option of having the latest technology without having to carry a lot of weight on it.

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