In 2012 more messages were sent through SMS apps like WhatsApp

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It’s about time that apps like WhatsApp  to traditional text messaging , both in free component (or annual subscription) and by the possibilities offered.

According to resources , this already happened in the past year. The research firm estimates that in 2012 was sent as a daily average of 19,000 million messages using mobile apps , compared to 17.600 million SMS distributed every day.



The Ovum analyst firm also estimates that use these applications did lose the business of SMS 23,000 million last year, an amount that would have had a significant impact on the accounts of the operators.

The use of these applications continue to increase in the coming years. Informa expects that in 2014 sent 50,000 million messages a day, compared with 21,000 million SMS daily.

However, it seems that the text messages still have some life in emerging markets, where many users do not have smartphones or data connections to communicate. “They do not have data plans, so there is a large user base will continue to have the SMS as the best messaging experience, “says Pamela Clark Dickson, an analyst at Informa. “I think some things that will keep the SMS living for a few years. ” The firm predicts that revenue from the SMS will reach 127,000 million compared with 115,000 million harvested last year.

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