Activate the self-destruct in the secret message chats of Telegram

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One factor that has catapulted Telegram new in app store Google Play and App Store are the heavy security deployed to safeguard the privacy of users. Among these are the secrets chats that, in turn, have the ability to automatically delete messages written. However, how to activate self-destruct messages in Telegram?

Telegram emerged just a week ago as an alternative to WhatsApp . To address the most widespread service instant messaging, Russian developers behind the project devised an application with a similar graphical interface, but with much more robust measures than those applied by the U.S. security company. Among the options to safeguard the privacy of users are the secrets chats , a type of service that allows no trace in the network of conversations between multiple users. In this section we find even other additional security measure, even more extreme, as is the self-destruct messages.

Self-destruction Telegram?

We have already mentioned that the secret chats Telegram differ from the standard messages app for the encryption type (the way how messages travel over the Internet until the user receives another conversation). Unlike the latter, the content of the secret chats travels from sender to receiver without going through servers Telegram. This is what the company calls encrypted end-to-end. This prevents conversations are recorded in the cloud, without a trace. Within this type of private conversations even Telegram adds another barrier “protection” to include the option to activate the self-destruct messages . This architecture is responsible for removing all our posts once the person they are directed read.

Activating the self-destruct message

Running Telegram, instead of initiating a “standard” conversation by pressing the icon shaped snack (like WhatsApp), we headed to the icon immediately to the right-menu-which is identified by the vertical succession of three points. In the section unfolds we find the “New Secret Chat” option. Our contacts list automatically appears in Telegram. We look at this list to the person you wish to contact and create a “session”. When a window in which we can start the conversation face to face appears.

This is the time when we activate the self-destruct message from accessing the menu icon in the top right. In this section we find immediately under the “Settings” section the option of self-destruction. As we push to select from the menu the period wish to apply for that time interval elapsed since our contact reads the message-we will know when you see the second green tick will automatically delete it on both smartphones.

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