The first iPhone prototype sold for $ 1500 at auction

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It is undeniable that when we talk about Apple and its first model of iPhone are talking a little about the history of smartphones . When Steve Jobs introduced the first model back in June 2007, marked a turning point in the mobile telephony sector, and from there the other manufacturers began to follow. Therefore, it is not surprising that it has appeared on eBay a prototype model of the first iPhone that has reached $ 1,500 at auction.

It is clear that these devices are collector’s items, and you see that there are collectors with deep pockets. The sale of the prototype of the first iPhone model is not an isolated incident, and that during these years we have seen sales of Apple products through eBay at exorbitant prices repeatedly.

It is noteworthy that takes time pressuring Apple to eBay to prevent such sales, since the Cupertino not like their prototypes fall into the wrong hands or even to be behind glass. Therefore, there is no trace of the notice of sale, but you know how it is Internet, the news spread like wildfire and within minutes thousands of people already knew about this auction.

Incidentally, the unit sold appears to be a prototype for internal use for testing the hardware unit.

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