Spies are now using MacBook Webcam

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If you find pictures of him in the hands of strangers, not just think back doors or Trojans. Perhaps the route used by cyberspies is in front of you, particularly in the top of the screen on your MacBook , where the webcam is housed.

Apparently, this was how a U.S. hacker made ​​several photos to a student, the Miss Teen USA Cassidy Wolf to be exact, while I was naked. Her classmate, Jared Abrahams, was able to remotely reprogram the MacBook ProWolf and sent the images taken by your webcam. The FBI caught Abrahams in October.

How to spy on other people through your iSight webcam in many Apple MacBook is simple. Normally, when the camera is running a green light comes on next to her. But thanks to a newly discovered vulnerability, this light can be turned off , so that the victims are not aware that they are being watched.

The resources revealed this research by Stephen Checkoway computer, showing the use of a trial software called Remote Administration Tool (Remote Administration Tool, or RAT). Checkoway could reprogram the chip microcontroller iSight camera so that the light does not light.

heckoway showed that this trick is used to spy on MacBooks and iMacs users market before 2008 .Although it might also be feasible to use it in most modern laptops Apple or other brands, still has not proved possible.

In another report from the Washington Post, former deputy director of the Division of Operational Technology FBI , Marcus Thomas, said the federal office has been pushing cameras computer without turning warning lights for years.


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