Scientists determine who in 2011 discovered planet is made of diamond

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Scientists at Yale University in the United States, were able to determine that the planet 55 Cancri, and discovered in 2011, is composed of graphite and diamond, is two times larger than Earth and has a mass eight times, according to a study released on Thursday.

‘The surface of this planet seems to be covered in diamond and graphite instead of water and rock, “said lead investigator, Nikku Madhusudhan.

The planet 55 Cancri, and is one of the five planets that orbit around a star similar to the Sun in the constellation of Cancer, 40 light years from Earth, relatively close.

This planet was first observed in 2011, when it passed in front of its star, allowing astronomers to measure its radius.

The planet orbits so fast that a year lasts 18 days, compared to 365 the earth, and is also extremely hot since, according to the researchers, their temperature reaches 2148 degrees centigrade.

Not for the first time to discover a planet diamond, but it is the first that is orbiting a star similar to the Sun, so close to Earth in size and more.

‘Appears to be composed mainly of carbon (as graphite and diamond), iron, silicon carbide and possibly some silicates’ stand researchers who publish the study in the journal Astrophysical Journal Letters’.

The study estimates that at least one third of the mass of the planet, equivalent to three times the mass of earth, would be of diamond.

This discovery means that “one can no longer assume that rocky planets far have chemical components, interiors, environments, or biologies similar to Earth ‘, concluded Madhusudhan.EFE

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