Nokia launches the world’s first phone with WhatsApp button

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WhatsApp has taken much less than it took Facebook about having a phone with a separate button for access to its platform.



The social network of Mark Zuckerberg got two devices HTC hurl three editions ago and the Mobile World Congress , six years after its founding. A WhatsApp have been enough a couple of years for a mobile phone manufacturer commercial release of the first device with dedicated button for free instant messaging service.

Nokia has been the company that has introduced the first phone with WhatsApp button. This is thelow-cost smartphone Nokia Asha 210 , which may be bought for a price of approximately 100 euros, and seeks to popularize the use of smartphones among less affluent pockets of all types of markets, including emerging.

The phone has Wi-Fi connectivity and 2G connections, and clicking on the button WhatsApp allows direct access to the application.

But this is not the only advantage they have those buying this device. Those who do not have to pay anything to download WhatsApp , as it defaults to the phone, and thus save 0.79 cents download, or costing them, depending on your platform.

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