Netbook devices will disappear in 2015

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The firm iSuppli market research expert, has compiled data based on sales and believe that 2015 will mean the extinction of netbook product. The tablets win the game.


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Recalling some history, was in the year 1992 when Olivetti launched market model ‘ Quaderno ‘, a device that could be considered the precursor’ expensive and heavy “of the current netbooks. Already in 1999 , the British firm Psion , launched a new patented device which he called netbook . In 2003,Psion launched a second model called netbook Pro, but it was not until 2007 (apart from the failed attempts from other companies, in years above) when the company Asustek launched the netbook market the device we know today, which was an interesting alternative to laptops now. these devices dispensed with large hard drives, larger screens and high resolutions to provide a cheaper product and smaller, ideal for writing documents or surfing the web. At that time, Android had just become known and anticipated new iPhone, first generation, was just around the corner to be released from the hands of Steve Jobs . The term tablet or tablet, come into our lives three years later.

Since its launch, netbooks accounted blockbuster in the coming years, and came to become anideal tool for young people or for smaller, more robust designs that would perform the foray into the sector called ‘my first PC ‘. The market had opened its arms to the netbook but this little device, I did not know what he would come up soon after because, without going any further, know his ‘killer’: the tablet . since the emergence of the iPad and then the Android tablets , netbooks have disappeared from the market gradually, mainly due to declining sales. Today and observing the progressive decline of these devices, the firm iSuppli dare to venture that will 2015 netbook extinction as a result .

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The firm is based on sales data. In 2010, it sold 32.14 million but, two years later, the total was reduced to 14.13 million netbooks sold. The prediction for 2013 falls further up to 3.97 million, a drop of 72% . ‘s clear that the market has changed and the use of smartphones and tablet devices has skyrocketed to overshadow these small computers technically and functionally, can not reach these devices. The netbook has served its purpose and has marked a before and after in mobile computing, but in 2015, when he has completed just over 20 years, his end will come without hesitation. This was established market. 

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