Mozilla Firefox confirms that iOS will not

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he Mozilla VP of products Jay Sullivan, said that Firefox will not as long as Apple iOS continues its “hostile attitude” toward third-party web browsers.Mozilla is developing a new version of Apple’s mobile OS and has a plan to begin to develop.

Mozilla Firefox

Mozilla Firefox

   The browser Firefox is one of the most used by users for browsers desktop, making plenty of Chrome and Internet Explorer. For mobile devices, Firefox is also having great success on the Android operating system which has a version optimized for ‘tablets’ in mobile OS from Google. However, the fate of Firefox in other popular operating systems, iOS, has not been the same.

   On November, Firefox for iOS was removed from the App Store of Apple to “focus on other projects.” However, during the SXSW conference being held this week in Texas (USA), the Mozilla Foundation team does not intend to return to iOS Firefox.

   Speaking at the conference, the vice president of product Mozilla, Jay Sullivan, said that Firefox will not as long as Apple iOS maintained its “hostile attitude” toward third-party web browsers.

   As recorded by resources, the sticking point for Mozilla is that not being able to carry their iOS sophisticated engines of  javascript . Essentially, the organization does not feel able to build the browser you want for the Apple platform.

   To this we must add the Apple App Store is not as warm as could be with third party browsers as Mozilla, because it prevents users from using any other browser as default. “The Apple closed ecosystem means that users experience , “says Sullivan.

   Therefore, the Firefox team is working on a new version or has plans to do so.

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