Line touches 300 million registered user mark

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There were many users who feel the heat when WhatsApp began to leave to extend indefinitely its free usage periods and sought alternatives to the application, opting many for Line , which like many other instant messaging applications is free . And thanks in part to the transfer of users or through their advertising campaigns Line announced today that it has reached the round figure of 300 million registered users , just three months after getting 200 million and ten months after arriving 100 million registered users.   Exactly 127 days have been those who have requested the application with Japanese origin to add another 100 million users, reflecting a daily growth of about 787,000 new users registered, of which most are from the Asian and other markets.

Now the numbers look excellent, big news in order to overtake Line WhatsApp but data have to be caught with forceps, and those 300 million users of which it purports to relate Naver registered users and non-users assets , which really give value to an application.

And the data provided by the company not only includes those users who have downloaded the application and test it after registering and have stopped using it also as a user each record from the same user on different devices , which could inflate amply Line numbers.

Given this important nuance Japanese application and even without the exact figure of the number of active users Line this would still be far from WhatsApp , which in October pulled chest ensuring that had 350 million active users month

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