iPhone 5: how to make free calls with Libon

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More and more applications exist to make calls or send messages for free. But there’s always room for some more … like Libon, which is compatible with all models of Apple, including the iPhone 5  and Apple devices using iOS 4.3 or later.

Currently this application is in version 2.0 , and formerly known as Voice feed (when you could only send text messages and leave voice messages with the ability to transcribe). But, with this development, besides the aforementioned, it can also make voice calls totally free and unlimited duration.

They offer services and other developments such as Viber and Skype (which, together, is perhaps the biggest advantages that takes advantage as far as functionality is concerned). But Libon wants to position itself as a viable, useful and more agile than any of those mentioned.

Is one more or marked differences? 

We dare not make direct comparisons, but if it could offer call quality can make a difference with existing, as this is the great handicap of existing today. But in such a vast market, where applications are already well put in place-such as Line and as popular as Skype or WhatsApp (although often not working as it should is still used) -, it is true that it is difficult.

Its interface is somewhat different from the rest, but it is easy to use, and the options offered are voice calls, use messages (with attachments) and offers a peculiar voicemail. The free version is available App Store at this link . But there is also a paid version that offers an hour of free international calls per month. You can click here to get it.

The truth is that it can give you opportunity to Libon (which already has the Android version on the way), and that by offering a free version there is nothing to lose by using it with an iPhone or iPad and, thus, can decide whether to offer good quality and something different from the options on the market.

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