Functions of the new Apple iOS 7

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The new operating system from Apple will arrive on September 18 with over 200 new features. The iOS 7 includes developments in voice recognition system Siri. In this new version Apple team has added new male and female voices that interact with the user, but add integration with Twitter, Wikipedia and Web search by Bing search engine .

Apple iOS7

Apple iOS7

The new voices to be included in the release will come first in English (U.S.), French and German and then incorporate other language versions, remember Ep.

“We have completely redesigned iOS in July, incorporating a completely revamped user interface and more than 200 new features , so that our users will like releasing a device that quickly become familiar, “saidCraig Federighi, Senior Vice President of Engineering Apple software

Among the new features offered by iOS 7 for the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch are the following:

Control-Center: allows the user to quickly access phone functions from a single site. You just need to slide your finger from the bottom of the screen. This and something found in Android phones like the Samsung SIII. Unlike Apple, this control center is located at the top of the screen.

-Center Notifications: to which is now accessible from one screen bloqueo.Ofrece sesumen details such as weather, traffic, meetings and events.

-Better multitasking: This allows the user to go from one application to another in a more visual and intuitive. In addition, iOS 7 enters the most used apps and automatically updates its contents in the background.

-AirDrop: It’s a new way to share content quickly and easily with people who are nearby.

Filters in the app-camera: The camera is updated more filters, as well as the square camera option to add effects in real time. Switching between different camera modes (video, photography, square and pan) is only sliding the screen.

-Moments: This is the new way of organizing photographs offered by the application “Photos”. It is done automatically by taking the account the day and time that the snapshot was made.

-Siri voice changes : As explained above Siri, the voice assistant Apple has been updated with improvements, including more types of voices, male and female. In prinicpio will be in English, French and German.It also integrates with searches in Twitter, Bing and Wikipedia. This was explained during Tuesday’s keynote. The user can ask Siri for some people, for example, “Siri, what Obama said today?” And the wizard will search wikipedia social networks and search engines. If Obama has ‘tweeted’ that day, the wizard screen will appear the last thing Obama has written.

-ITunes Radio : The streaming music service Apple will be included in iOS7, if however, there is a ‘but’. Only be present in the United States. It offers more than 200 radio stations and music catalog from the iTunes Store.

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