First pictures of the Nokia Lumia 520 and Nokia Lumia 720

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Nokia has prepared several releases for many days . Or so the latest rumors indicate that leaked on the net and if you got to know some details of two new smartphones with Windows Phone 8 for the next edition of the Mobile World Congress , the largest mobile trade show in the world, now leaked images of the Nokia Lumia 520 and Nokia Lumia 720 .



Although also a third terminal is expected codenamed Nokia Catwalk , which would have an aluminum chassis and technical characteristics very similar to the Nokia Lumia 920 , the two new teams would complement the new range of products in the Nordic company . These new Lumia family members would become replacements for Nokia Lumia 710 and Nokia Lumia 610 , two of the first devices that came to light last year 2012.

Now the Nokia Lumia 720 smartphone would become the largest of the two teams . First, it would have a 4.3-inch screen diagonal with a dual core processor, but in this case it would be the leading model S4 Snapdragon inside current models are already on sale in Spain, the Nokia 720 Lumia a chip would work at a frequency of one gigahertz. Meanwhile, the memory would be given by eight GB of internal storage and a RAM of 512 MB. Further, as known at the time, this smartphone could lead MicroSD memory cards.



Furthermore, according can be seen in the filtered images by Evleaks the social network Twitter, this model will have a monoblock chassis and will be available in different colors . Also, although not yet known how many megapixels is your camera, you can see that the main sensor rear camera will come with an integrated flash .

Meanwhile, the other model is the Nokia Lumia 520 . This team will be getting a slightly smaller diagonal four inches . Yes, the processor used is the same as its big brother: dual core one GHz frequency addition, internal memory would drop to four gigabytes of space to store all kinds of files and also have MicroSD card slot. Although both the Nokia Lumia 520 as the Nokia Lumia 720 will be allowed access to Microsoft SkyDrive with which have at least seven more gigabytes of virtual space completely free of charge.

In this case we know the main features of your camera: it will have a five megapixel sensor, but Flash will not integrated , as can be seen in the filtered images. Also have a monoblock chassis available in different shades

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