Firefox OS and powerful devices and low cost, the highlights of the Mobile World Congress

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  • So far, it seems to Firefox OS is little more than a curiosity
  • LG has opted for powerful devices and low cost
  • We have presented a pocket printer for mobile photos
  • Nokia is committed to a low-end smartphones
  • Samsung has a tablet resized
  • Sony’s gamble: a cell phone and a tablet resistant to all
Firefox OS

Firefox OS

The latest editions of the Mobile World Congress(MWC) being held these days in Barcelona had been a top player for Android. Until last year there were little green robots everywhere in the form of pins, figurines, stickers, pastries and cocktails. This year Android itself is not in the MWC. It is true that Google is the dominant operating system on mobiles and tablets exposed, although Apple-brand has no presence in the MWC-are still present in a very remarkable in hands of visitors and journalists covering the event. Google The absence of further reinforces the perception that, for better or for worse, Android has increasingly less to do with Google and the mobile manufacturers. Now that Android has come to adulthood, to be an operating system much more consistent and mature, Google is not to claim their merits and contributions to the popularization of smartphones . And we have been deprived of the fun, the slide and its soft drinks and sweet snacks.

Firefox OS: Will Android and iOS competition?

Instead, most of the attention is hogging the Firefox OS, the mobile operating system developed by the Mozilla Foundation . And that it is complicated to get to see phones running it. Yet for many is an operating system that aims to compete with Android and iOS , which continues to be an overstatement or at least overly optimistic . At this time is all the more likely to stay in the pan to get succeed. ‘s not forget that before him have fought and bit the dust other major mobile operating systems such as Windows Phone, BlackBerry or Symbian plus an even older operating systems smaller and less known, but all of them at their most developed and capable than Firefox OS. Anyway, today, Firefox OS is little more than a curiosity . It is a product based on prototypes, development versions, aspirations and good intentions. But it remains to be seen whether the world needs another mobile operating system, and even more so in a low-profile operating system aimed at devices and undeveloped markets or a discrete economic volume (including Spain). It is intended for inexperienced users in smartphones and is driven by telephone operators whose main motivation is to end or reduce its excessive dependence on Apple and Google .

Firefox OS is built on free and open language of the Web, HTML5 . Which on paper sounds pretty good. HTML5 is the same language that currently offers a powerful mobile mediocre performance when it comes to complex applications, which is the reason that native applications provide, at least for now, a speed performance and user experience much higher. hence its success and preference by users of smartphones . In fact, Facebook recently had to redo all their mobile application and admit the mistake I had assumed too much trust in HTML5 for mobile application.

Devices powerful and cost in MWC

Returning to the world of “products that you can actually use” attention is probably very polarized between more powerful and sophisticated devices and low cost devices.Although there is little reached the MWC to unveil new, here you can see and taste the products of the leading manufacturers catalogs as LG, Nokia, Samsung and Sony among others. LG has recently renewed its successful range of affordable mobile L but very complete and powerful , the L3, L5 and L7. And again aspire to the premium category with Optimus G, which is actually the second generation of its successful original G Optimus was not marketed in Spain. The Optimus G cost free when it comes out in April 649 euros. You can also see the LG Optimus Pro G, a replica exaggerated Samsung Galaxy Note II, however, did not come to Spain. For now the Korean brand by not bet too smartphones large (the ‘phablets’) or by tablets of any size after the inexplicable stumble that exhibited Optimus Pad at MWC 2011.

Pocket printer connected to your mobile

LG also plans to market a small printer named Pocket Photo , the size of a paperback book , which can be drawn on paper copies of the photos stored on the phone in a very quick and easy: directly and wirelessly with the phone only approximate the printer prints the selected photo . A very attractive and suitable accessory especially for those using a camera phone as the main camera. No price or date yet final availability, but could have a very attractive price of just over 100 euros, and can be used with any NFC phone.

Affordable Phones

Nokia wants to regain volume expanding its customer base with a wide range of mobile, varied and affordable including telephones and smartphones pre Asha, but also to diversify the range of their Lumia Windows Phone. This family has expanded with the Lumia 520 and 720 models, located in the lower and middle but with very good looks and performance. The Lumia 520 becomes the input to your Windows Phone from Nokia.Priced at 139 euros technology shares brilliant camera Lumia 920. The Lumia 720 is not that far from the Lumia 920 in looks, quality and performance, but is more content in size and weight and is significantly less expensive, 249 euros.

Tablet resized

Meanwhile Samsung and LG is unlike the same product resizing an infinite number of times . Just before the start of the MWC announced the Galaxy Note 8, an expanded version of the Galaxy Note II (5.5 inches), or a shortened version of the Galaxy Note 10.1. Like the rest of the family the Galaxy Note Note 8 comes with a stylus or pen to control the device. Y also offers the interesting feature that allows applications to share the screen. During the MWC Samsung has announced the Galaxy S4 presentation for next March.

Mobile and tablet resistant to all

Sony had already presented the Xperia Z in January, but has used the MWC to start marketing the price of 669 euros. A year after the disappearance of the brand Sony Ericsson, Sony Xperia Mobile is in a very interesting product Z in two formats: the mobile with 5-inch screen and Xperia Z Tablet with Dual Screen, 10.1 inch exhibited yesterday at MWC. Both devices share a exquisite design, slim and lightweight and resistant to shock, dust and water . The Xperia Z Tablet features a lower weight: 495 grams for 10.1 inch full HD screen. It only remains to see if its thickness and weight measures extreme sacrifice battery capacity, but that will have to wait to come out in spring. regain Z The charismatic Xperia Sony brand on mobile devices and inaugurate his return to the field of mobile “with all available resources” in the words of its president Kazuo Hirai.

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