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The web browser that is postulated as one of the alternatives to Safari and Chrome continues to increase its version number to provide, significant improvements this time.

Mozilla Firefox 20

Mozilla Firefox 20

Firefox 20 implements the usual patches to security issues identified in the previous version of the product, and also adds the ability to conduct private browsing independently by each of the windows that are open in the application. This marks an important difference on how it has been done in the case of default browser provided by Apple and also those published by other developers.


Other improvements that many users appreciate is allowing close those plug-in to get hung up during operation, without thereby affecting the entire program as it occurred in previous versions. It has also improved the experience of downloading files and improved performance in various tasks of a general, from loading up their own download pages.

Developers will also find news in Firefox 20, including a new tool for profiling JavaScript that allows you to check the existence of bottlenecks or points that require optimization to improve the performance script.

Firefox 20 is free and, with a file size of 30.7 MB, requires OS X 10.6 or later.

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