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The exterior is almost similar performance clearly exceeds the iPhone 5S extinct iPhone 5 . Not only have gotten your battery last longer and, in general, everything goes more smoothly, but begin to appear chip applications using the M7 motion

Apple’s promise is to provide hardware that fits over the consumer lifestyle. By default, it includes a section on the Privacy section, “physical activity”. There are applications that have requested access to mobile data movement. The movement goes far beyond the usual gyro. It is about recognizing when walking, jogging, cycling, or if, perhaps, the shift has been away. All without suffering a dramatic loss of autonomy, something inconceivable in iPhone 5.

This is not entirely new, the Samsung Galaxy S4 tries something similar and includes a calorie counting app. At the end of day for an estimate between ingested and consumed based on the data provided by the phone owner. After giving his verdict: should walk more, not be time sitting or waive both sweet …

The difference between Apple and Samsung mobile lies, among other things, in the ecosystem. While Apple has a legion of developers, Samsung, also with its own app store, looks like most of their customers download programs directly from Google Play. Your window is not as attractive, consumers missing from landing against the windows.

After the first weekend of mobile usage sensations are good. He’s come home with 20% battery after a bike out simultaneously using two applications that use both GPS as a sensor via Bluetooth heart. The previous model, iPhone 5 called back to plug half hour after map. NeitherGow Trainer or Runtastic , used applications have adapted the new chip, although the first, of Spanish origin and is working to catch up.

Strava Run was the first to offer a program that makes use of the benefits of the M7. Includes integration with Instagram and recognition of stops. Lets go to friends who are traveling or taking collective challenges. It shows improved autonomy. Free

Motion X 24/7 costs 70 cents. For such a modest amount to improve the quality of sleep. Collect data from user’s lifestyle as meals, steps, exercise time sitting … even snoring Register and put the alarm at the time you choose, but also suggests another that would be healthier.

Argus serves both to someone who wants to start making sport and for dedicated joggers. It costs 1.79 euros. Very similar to Strava only with more sports and innovative design results.

These are not the only applications that are born thinking about the new Apple phone. The following do not make special use of the chip M7, but take advantage of 64-bit architecture A7 processor, the same that also carry the Air and iPad iPad Mini with HD display (Retina).

The first squeezing the potential of the processor are, except in the case of Pixlr Express , photo editor, playful.

With SketchBook Pro , 4.49 euros, sensations recover discovered in Paper 53 . Make sketches with brushes, gradients and textures addictive.

123D Creative Show creates characters in relief, usually friendly style monsters “Where the Wild Things Are”.

Infinity Blade III is the brightest. It is no coincidence that Apple use in their presentations. The medieval atmosphere is more than achieved. The jumps between scenes and were evident in the iPhone 4S, and even at 5. No sign … but cost is worth 5.99 euros.

The music lovers can be delivered to sing with Sing! Karaoke, or create your own video with Vjay (8.99 euros) and melodies with dJay 2 (1,79).

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