Apple is now turning Apple TV into a game console

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Now a days,Apple is working on a version of its Apple TV that will integrate the A7 chip, which makes all the sense in the world as it is not the first time the company updates the ‘set- top-box ‘with its latest processor. This, coupled with the arrival of the first commands compatible with Apple iOS will leave him free to have, at last, your game console desktop.

   The rumor that the company will mount a A7 chip with 64-bit technology in its Apple TV was launched by Ming-Chi Kuo, an analyst at KGI Securities already has hit a few times with rumors about the Cupertino company. This is the most powerful chip that Apple has ever made for mobile devices. Looking back, the CPU is 40 times more potent than the original 2007 iPhone offers graphics performance 56 times higher.

With this chip, Apple devices continue to increase its graphic capabilities and that sounds great, if we take into account the level already achieved in the generation now far behind, with examples like Infinity Blade II or Real Racing 2, the technical quality a cell phone still continues to surprise. If Apple TV mounts this chip and a modified version of iOS in July, would have the potential to handle also these games, which also could be enjoyed in the lounge, with the comfort that pose a sofa and a large screen.

However, we discussed this and could have happened before.Apple and could have launched the App Store on your Apple TV and offer games and applications on the TV screen … but has not done so. What is the reason? This is primarily a question of interaction.Applications for iPhone, iPod and iPad that can be found in the App Store have been developed for the user to interact on a touch screen and its use in a television would not have guaranteed quality point which characterizes the user experience Apple devices.

What has changed now? The official API Apple iOS7 joined to support control knobs. With that move, announced this year in June developer conference, Apple has offered the possibility to accessory manufacturers on the one hand, and creators of ‘software’, on the other, to launch similar control knobs and consoles video games and applications begin to be adapted for control via a knob.

The first command, manufactured by Moga, has already hit the market, and other companies like Logitech also finalizing their proposals. Meanwhile, developers are beginning to adapt their games. Presumably shortly, supply, both as game control, is substantial. After a point where it is acceptable and the new Apple TV on the market, the company Apple would just open your App Store on Apple TV and hence offer only the applications that have been suitably adapted for a remote control.

In this way, we would have a device for the living room, able to play multimedia and video games and acceptable technical quality, which could be controlled with a traditional controller, and with a price of just over 100 euros, that’s what it costs the current Apple TV. It would be his own alternative to Android based consoles both have proliferated in recent years, but behind the Apple brand and the proven quality and quantity of games that we constantly appear on the App Store.

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