Apple is expanding to medical devices to predict heart attacks

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We know Apple for being a great company that normally associate technology and devices such as phones, music players or laptops, but Apple is much more than this. The Cupertino firm takes into account that competition threatens to reduce its stake in the market, so now plan to participate in other new markets for the company.

The same way they did back when they could reinvent itself with products like the iPod and iPhone. According to the resources, Apple dives into the medical industry ,says that this is the direction we now also want to take. Sources mention that hiring Tomlinson Holman in 2011 as the father of THX sound system has to do with the development of new acoustic technologies, but also with remote audio products.

Holman is not limited to work on new speakers, also would be involved in creating a device that has the ability to predict heart attacks , I would listen to the sound of blood flowing through the circulatory system. As you may notice, this is a fairly remote products featuring Apple usually idea, but does not mean it’s bad, it might actually be helpful.

Anyway, if this news is confirmed we know that the Cupertino are not the only ones interested in medicine .Microsoft experiments and scientists are known and even Google has sought to support medicine. It seems that big companies want to invest in this sector and that will benefit thousands of people in the world, is not it?

Indeed, the development of medical devices is not all you have think of Apple. Adrian Perica, procurement officer of the firm, is traveling the world in search of new business opportunities and learned that Tesla Motors is one of the companies in which Apple is interested. Hopefully a bit more to know what Apple plans to do or what industry you want to innovate.

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