Apple denies involvement in PRISM

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Apple has finally released an open letter in which denies involvement in PRISM , the massive cyber espionage course the U.S. government that involves virtually every major U.S. Internet services.


According to the statement of Cupertino, the first time they heard about PRISM was when the press asked for it. ” We do not offer direct access to our servers any governmental organization“indicate, clarifying that any agency that requests data from a user must first get a court order.

Like other companies like Google , Apple has asked the government for permission to publish the number of applications received in relation to national security and the way they are managed, and have been authorized to do so partially. An excerpt:

From December 1, 2012 until May 31, 2013 Apple has received between 4,000 and 5,000 requests for users’ personal information by the U.S. authorities. Between 9,000 and 10,000 accounts or devices are specified in those requests, which came from authorities and the federal government, state and local governments, including both criminal investigations and national security issues. Common requests come from the police when investigating theft and other crimes, find missing children, attempts to locate patients with Alzheimer’s disease in the hope of preventing suicide.

Whatever the circumstances, our legal team assesses each application and, only if necessary, recover and deliver the minimum amount of information. In fact, occasionally we see inconsistencies or inaccuracies in an application and refuse to fulfill it.

Apple concludes his plea remembering that they do not collect a mountain of data of its users, so that often fail to deliver data requested by the authorities simply because they are not preserved. “For example, the conversations taking place through iMessage and FaceTime are protected by end-to-end encryption for anyone but the sender and receiver can see or read. Apple can not decrypt the data.Similarly, we do not store data on the location of customers, searched searched Maps or Siri, “they conclude.

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