Apple acknowledges battery issues in iPhone 5s

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Longer to recharge battery and low resistance was detected on some models of iPhone 5s.
“Users have discovered a manufacturing problem affecting a small number of iPhone 5s and may involve a longer time to charge the battery and reduced autonomy, “said the New York Times Teresa Brewer, a spokeswoman Apple .
Systematic replacement of defective smartphones
“We will contact affected and replace their phone customers,” she added. The California firm, always very discreet in these situations has not indicated what proportion of its aircraft were involved in this manufacturing problem.
Since the launch of iPhone 5s, Friday, September 20, Apple claims to have sold more than 9 million phones. It also includes another model phone recently launched by the American society, namely the iPhone 5c with multiple colors. Apple does not specify the proportion of sales between the two models but the model the more upscale, 5s, seems to be by far the most popular.

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