An Apple patent gives new clues about the iWatch

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The future of Apple smart watch, the iWatch , is taking shape. A week after news that Apple would have to 100 designers already working on the iWatch , an Apple patent application published today reveals a flexible touchscreen that can be placed around the wrist.



The request, filed with the Patent and Trademark Office U.S. in August 2011 but published today, describes a flexible touchscreen that can display information. According to the patent, the device can be used anywhere, but one of the drawings shows that are worn around the wrist.

The patent, reported by Apple Insider , does not specifically refer to the device as a Smart Watch, but presents it as a kind of electronic bracelet. Such bracelets bi-stable would be equipped with springs that allow to adjust the user’s wrist. But several of the functions described in the patent are those that would be found in a Smart Watch .

The patent description reads: “With a touch screen input, the user can perform a number of different tasks, including the order setting playlist and review of the recent calls list”. “You can even respond to a text message using a virtual keyboard through the side of the flexible display,” he continues.

The device would use Wi-Fi or Bluetooth to communicate with other portable device, probably a smartphone, to display information in real time on the screen. A gyroscope or accelerometer organize information so that it is directly facing the user regardless of whether the device is turned.

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