A new revolution for iPhone: A7 64-bit Apple

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The A7 64-bit Apple has been so admired and criticized since its announcement. Recall that from Qualcomm itself is branded as “marketing gimmick” for his little “real utility” – statements then nuanced and, in practice, discredited from the company itself .

Again, this manufacturer, in particular one of its employees cited by columnist Dan Lyons on HubSpot admit that Apple has once again ahead of the rest of the industry. In fact, we quote verbatim, this person says “the A7 has been kicked in ‘parts’ to Qualcomm.”

Employee of the known manufacturer of Snapdragon continues, “not just us, everyone really were shocked. There is a big difference in performance now, since there is software you can enjoy it. Butmost are ’32 ‘and now everyone what they want . ”

 “panic” among manufacturers

Among the statements in this anonymous person is admitted to planning the arrival of 64-bit processor was not something that seemed so essential that Apple plans had indicated to the industry. He was studying, was in the objectives of the future, but much less for a commercial launch in 2013, this “insider”. Indeed, he says, how Apple has now released all manufacturers want to have yours and although “is not currently exploited, has caused panic in the entire industry. “

Both Samsung and Qualcomm have announced that in 2014 the Exynos and Snapdragon reach, or similar, 64-bit , but again, Apple goes a step ahead in the development of this technology. While other manufacturers are preparing for the arrival of this hardware to their first teams, in a hurry, next, the Cupertino year not only extend these chips to more products such as iPad and iPad Mini next year, but spent several months ahead encouraging and promoting among its developer community this new technology . This will come about when to have the “product”, the California company will also have content that this time, it will build itself.

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